Yesterday was a very strange day in an already historically disturbing Trump presidency.  Here are three things you need to know:

1 – Trump made a series of bizarre claims yesterday in a news conference, including that his father was born in Germany–even though it’s a widely known fact that his father was born in New York City.  Trump was also unable to say the word “origins” despite trying twice.  And Trump claimed that living near a windmill increases your changes of cancer.  It almost seemed as if he was experiencing some sort of cognitive difficulty, which is alarming considering that his father had Alzheimers.  Cognitive deficits worsen when a person is under extreme stress, and it’s certain that Trump is under tremendous pressure on many fronts, including multiple criminal investigations and the many defeats and setbacks of his policy agenda like the news yesterday that the Trump administration would NOT try to invalidate the ACA until after the 2020 election.  Maybe Trump is starting to crack.

2 – It was rumored that several Democratic lawmakers had referred Jared Kushner to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation regarding his multiple lies and omissions on the government security application he provided to Congress months ago.  Whether or not this is true, it’s clear that Kushner will be under increasingly close scrutiny after revelations that his security clearance was rejected by career professionals but then they were overruled by Trump.  Kushner is clearly a security risk, and the fact that he omitted so many contacts with foreign nationals (Russians) on the form given to Congress is a clear sign of guilt.  Keep an eye on this story because legal jeopardy for Kushner is a direct threat to Trump and will greatly increase Trump’s stress level.

3 – AG Barr is still stonewalling on the Mueller report, and every day that passes with no new information from Barr increases the likelihood that Barr and Trump are trying to cover up damaging allegations.  Barr has promised to provide a very redacted version of the report, but that’s not good enough for Congress, especially because they are allowed to see grand jury and classified info regularly.  Now congressional Democrats are starting to issue subpoenas to obtain the full report, which will likely end up before the courts in a long, grinding legal battle.  We all deserve to see the Mueller report, and Congress damn sure deserves to see the entire unredacted report to ensure that Barr isn’t obstructing justice or covering up damaging revelations–which isn’t far fetched considering the 19 page letter he sent to the Trump administration claiming that the president can never obstruct justice, period.  He was clearly fishing for a job and can’t be trusted to put the country above party.

Stay tuned and keep resisting…


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