Every single day brings heartbreaking news from the Trump disaster. Here are a couple of newsworthy items worth pointing out this Sunday in case you missed them.

1 – Economic growth predictions seem to get lower with each passing week.  It now seems that the United States is on track for first quarter GDP of around 1.5%, which is dramatically lower than Trump and his economic amateurs have been predicting.  It could be a sign of a slowdown, but it could also be the beginning of a recession.  As this blog noted recently, the Treasury yield curve is inverted–3  month notes are paying as much or more than 10 year bonds–which is often a sign of an oncoming recession.  It couldn’t come at a worse time for Trump, who can no longer brag about a steamy economy at his Circus Maximus rallies.  Here’s a great overview by Paul Krugman in the NY Times:


2 – It was reported yesterday that Jeff Bezos’ phone was hacked by the Saudis because his newspaper, the Washington Post, relentlessly published stories about the savage murder of their journalist Jamal Khashoggi by assassins working for the Saudi Crown Prince.  Not only is this story a horrifying example of a powerful private citizen becoming the victim of espionage and cyber war from a nation state that the Trump team has coddled, but it raises a lot of questions.  We know Jared Kushner has a close relationship with the Saudi Crown Prince, and has been accused of helping the Saudis crack down on their own dissidents.  We also know that Trump hates Bezos’ Washington Post because they expose his lies and scandals daily.  Did Kushner or anyone else in the Trump regime have any knowledge of the Saudi hack of Bezos’ phone? It’s not a far fetched question.

3 – The state of Georgia passed a draconian anti-abortion law this week that makes abortion illegal after six weeks of pregnancy, allegedly the point when a fetal heartbeat can be heard, but also a point at which most women don’t yet know they are pregnant.  Here’s coverage from NPR:


Why do conservatives care so damn much about fetuses?  Because when you tolerate or embrace racism, and when you tolerate or embrace misogyny, and when you tolerate or embrace homophobia, and when you pretend that violence and hatred are somehow Christian…you look for anything to embrace that makes you look virtuous.  And transmuting a fetus into an unborn child–they might as well say unborn Saint, or unborn genius, or unborn president–creates a feeling of virtue that can’t be easily ridiculed away by the morality police. But I’ve never heard a single credible argument against abortion that didn’t rest on a supernatural foundation.  In other words, a religious foundation.  How can a small cluster of cells and a grown, conscious, breathing woman be considered identical?  Because they both have a spooky, undetectable, unseen, supernatural soul that only precious humans have.  To people who hold this stance I would simply say, prove it!  But I’m not holding my breath.  No matter what you believe, religion and superstition should not be forced onto our fellow citizens nor be enshrined into our laws.  Meanwhile women in Georgia are being thrust back into the 1950s where they no longer control their bodies or their health.  It’s yet another disgraceful chapter of the Trump era.

Keep resisting…

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