One of the best moments of resistance since Trump took office occurred yesterday as the House Intelligence Committee convened to hear testimony on Russian active measures to interfere in our democracy.  Republicans on the committee opened with a grandstanding “demand” that Democratic Chairman Adam Schiff resign for being wrong about collusion by the president.  But Schiff was ready for them and delivered an epic reply.  If you didn’t catch it on cable news last night, it’s required viewing:

“Collusion: a secret agreement or cooperation.”

It’s clear that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.  They agreed to meet.  They agreed to consider easing sanctions.  It may not have risen to the level of a criminal conspiracy, but as Schiff suggested, it was despicable and profoundly unAmerican.  It was not trivial, it was not acceptable, and “I don’t think it’s okay”.

Though energized by the Barr report, Trump is obviously lethally scared of Adam Schiff.  Trump’s toadies in Congress, including feckless puppet Devin Nunes, are still doing his bidding, as the Intelligence Committee stunt proves. And Trump went after Schiff at a vanity rally last night, calling Schiff a “pencil neck” in his typically un-presidential, disgraceful and petty way. But Schiff isn’t going away, and the retort he gave in the video above has galvanized a tidal wave of support for him on social media and cable TV. Lawrence O’Donnell last night compared the Schiff response to the “have you no shame” moment that ended the McCarthy hearings in the ’50s.

Meanwhile, Barr continues to stall on the release of any part of the Mueller report, and it’s looking more likely that he will try to repress as much of it as he can until forced by the courts to do otherwise.  But the House Committees will continue their investigations, and the investigations seeded by Mueller will continue to grind along, some of them still going full bore in grand jury hearings.

It was also revealed yesterday in the Washington Post that Trump for many years misled lenders and purchasers of real estate by inflating his assets and net worth.  He did things that would likely land most of us in jail.  Were they fraud, and will he face any consequences?  It’s too soon to tell.  But the article is yet another bombshell of peril that Trump now faces, adding to other scandals including the apparent fraudulent tax scheme that allowed Trump to receive $400 million in inheritance tax free.  Here’s the report:

Trump remains in hot water, and it’s only going to get worse for him and his crime family. And the worse it gets, the more angry and spiteful and nasty Trump will get.  So prepare yourselves, stay rested, stay tuned, and keep resisting…


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