Trump did three things yesterday that hurt his chances for re-election and make easier our job of attacking his catastrophic presidency:

1 – In a spectacular display of ineptitude and hubris, Donald Trump stepped on his own positive Barr-report headlines by announcing that he had ordered the Justice Department (against their advice) to stop enforcing any aspect of the ACA and to seek to invalidate the entire law in the courts.  In a normal America this goal would be impossible because the Supreme Court has already ruled that a flaw in a law that is fixable should not invalidate the entire law–which is exactly the opposite of what the Trump regime is trying to accomplish.  They argue that since a Texas court ruled the individual mandate invalid, then the entire ACA must be thrown out.  If the Supreme Court sticks to precedent then the Trump DOJ should lose.  But if the radical partisan ideologues on the court (Kavanaugh, Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch) can sway Justice Thomas, then they may be able to strike down the entire law.  And this would be a disaster for our citizens, but it would also be a disaster for the GOP.  They got hammered in the Midterms on this issue, and if Trump thinks he will win in 2020 by doubling down on destroying the ACA to spite Obama, he’s even more idiotic and deluded than we thought.

2 – Trump is trying to get the military to fork over money to pay for his wall, and the Pentagon is in a tough spot.  They don’t want to close down hundreds of projects and divert hundreds of millions of dollars, and Congress is trying to stop them from doing so, but Trump’s emergency declaration makes it difficult to see what the outcome will be after all the expected litigation stops.  But Trump’s wall is unpopular with all but his core cult and his decision to steal from military projects will continue to anger voters who may have once been on his side.  His wall boondoggle will also need to take land from citizens along the border, a concept (eminent domain) that Republicans have historically despised.

3 – Trump and William Barr are playing games with the possible release of the Mueller document.  It was reported last night that Barr will put together a version of the report and then let the White House edit it before disclosing it to Congress. If this is true, it’s yet another outrageous act of concealment and opacity, and it creates an ever-growing sense that Barr and Trump are hiding something.  This won’t mean anything to Trump’s cult, but it will further alienate Independent voters and galvanize progressives as we head into 2020.

If Trump is trying to lose the 2020 election, he’s doing a great job of it this week despite what should have been great news for his presidency.  Which is just the latest demonstration of his arrogance and malignant desire to destroy Obama’s legacy regardless of how much pain and suffering it will cause our fellow citizens.

These things were made clear yesterday:

  1. The heartless GOP want to return to the disastrous pre-ACA insurance tyranny.
  2. The GOP are happy to use our soldiers as pawns in a political stunt.
  3. The GOP don’t care about transparency or the rule of law.
  4. The GOP make promise after promise that turn out to be lies.

Keep resisting…

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