The stench from Washington is getting worse and it’s coming from the rotting core of the Trump administration.  Two foul things to be aware of from yesterday:

1 – Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked a new resolution by New York Senator Chuck Schumer to demand that the Mueller report be made public.  The resolution was identical to the one that was unanimously approved by the House recently 420-0 but was then blocked in the Senate by Lindsey Graham.  With every passing day, the question for McConnell and AG Barr becomes more urgent: What are they trying to hide?  It’s becoming clear that the Mueller report was meant to be given to Congress to decide how to proceed–as was done with the Watergate investigation.  It wasn’t meant to be opined on by a partisan Attorney General, who was appointed by Trump expressly to bury the results.  Yet that’s what Barr did.  So we have to demand to see the full Mueller report as soon as possible.

2 – The Trump administration announced yesterday that the Justice Department would ask the courts to invalidate not just the ACA mandate, but the entire law.  Their theory is that if the ACA mandate doesn’t pass legal muster, as a Texas judge has decided, then the entire law must be thrown out.  It’s a long shot, but now that Trump has packed the courts with radical partisan flunkies who don’t give a damn about precedent, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen when this goes through litigation.  Here’s last night’s breaking coverage from Sahil Kapur in Bloomberg:

Depending on the courts, this could have grave implications for people who buy individual insurance through the ACA.  Trump made a lot of promises on the campaign trail about how great insurance would be under his regime, but it turns out his administration (and the corrupt GOP) hates the concept of affordable insurance and would rather our citizens go back to the days where private insurers could increase their profits by denying insurance to people with pre-existing conditions and denying claims from their customers.  The GOP logic seems to be that it’s okay for a certain number of people to suffer and die as long as every insurance CEO can finally trade up from the seventy-foot yacht to the ninety-foot yacht.  Despicable.

BUT, this is an issue that many people across the political spectrum care about.  Nobody, whether Republican or Democrat, wants to lose affordable insurance.  Democrats across the country won big in the Midterms in part because Trump and the GOP tried to repeal the ACA and replace it with garbage.  Voters weren’t fooled.  So if Trump wants to double down on ACA repeal and further alienate millions of potential voters, it will only hurt him in 2020.

We have the power to vote him out, but getting rid of an authoritarian is always a marathon, not a sprint.  Stay rested, stay positive, and keep resisting…


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