The Mueller Report was delivered to the Attorney General yesterday, a significant moment in the history of the Trump presidency and our country.  The report was described as “comprehensive” and included the certification from AG Barr that no requests by Mueller during the investigation were denied. Democratic leaders demanded in unison that the entire report be made public as soon as possible, and AG Barr said in a letter that he may be able to release a summary of the conclusions by this weekend.

Nobody yet knows what’s in the report though television news was full of theories and predictions.  Here is my prediction.

I expect the Mueller report to allege that Trump willfully and repeatedly obstructed justice in violation of the law. I conclude this because Trump did it in full view, and admitted it in interviews. It’s hard to imagine any other conclusion the Special Counsel could draw. The notion that he didn’t know obstruction was illegal is absurd, but that might be his defense.  

I don’t expect the Mueller report to allege that Trump was part of a criminal conspiracy with a hostile foreign power to throw the election.  If that were going to happen we would have likely seen additional indictments first, like Stone and Trump’s children.  Other law enforcement agencies might produce more indictments on this issue in the future, but it won’t be Mueller.  I suspect that the collusion that Trump’s inner circle conducted in plain sight WAS a criminal conspiracy, but that not enough solid evidence exists to prove it in a court of law.  Criminal conspiracy requires evidence of criminal intent, which is hard to prove.

When it comes to the crime of campaign finance fraud, Mueller will likely remain silent because those charges were brought against Trump lawyer Cohen by the southern district of New York, not the Special Counsel.  Trump will almost certainly be charged with those crimes as a co-conspirator the moment he leaves office, so it’s critical that we work hard to kick Trump out of the White House in 2020.

Trump has been freaking out all week long, going on Twitter tantrums and attacking John McCain and smearing Mueller and reversing sanctions on North Korea–and now we know why.  He probably knew that the end of the investigation was nigh, and he’s been anxiously trying to distract us and muddy the waters since.

It remains to be seen if AG Barr will try to play games with the release of the report but it also strains credulity to think that someone won’t eventually leak it.  However, Democrats in Congress have been assuring Americans that the report will be made public.  Rep Eric Swalwell from California said this on MSNBC today:

“The American people will see every word, every comma, every period of this report. The president is outnumbered now in a way that he was not before … It’s just a matter of time.”

Let’s hope he’s right. Meanwhile, myriad other investigations into Trump and his corrupt circle continue to grind on, and they will surely lead to more indictments down the road.

Stay tuned and keep resisting…

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