Trump continues to find new ways to demean and diminish the presidency.  Yesterday he continued his attacks on the late Senator John McCain, reiterating his dislike for the man and whining that he, the mighty Trump, arranged McCain’s funeral and didn’t even receive a thank you.

If Trump is waiting for a thank-you from a dead man, he’ll have to keep waiting.  But it’s galling that every little thing in Trump’s sphere that isn’t exactly to his imperial liking takes on the significance of an existential threat.  No president in modern times has been remotely as thin-skinned or insecure.  And his endless grievances resonate with a segment of our population that has been told for thirty years by Fox Infotainment that bitchy women, scary blacks and rapist Mexicans are stealing their birthright and forcing them to endure the horror of equality.  But now some Republicans have had enough.  Arnold Schwarzenegger rebuked Trump yesterday, telling the Atlantic that Trump’s comments were disgraceful and destructive.  And Republican Senator Johnny Isakson, a veteran, called Trump’s comments “deplorable”:

But there might be some good news on the horizon.  Rupert Murdoch is slowly ceding control of Fox News to his son Lachlan, who reportedly despises Trump.  So it will be interesting to see how his stewardship changes the editorial stance within Fox.  His brother James is married to a woman who is a big climate activist, and both apparently believe in global warming, so the destructive Fox ecosystem may be on its way out.  In fact, many financial pundits speculate that Fox News will someday be sold off to a larger conglomerate, which we can only pray happens quickly.

The sooner we rid America of its main propaganda-and-lie factory, the sooner we will be able to have public discourse based on honest investigation and facts.  But until then, we need to continue to resist the BS that spews from Fox and others, like Breitbart, Limbaugh, and Sinclair Media.

Keep resisting…

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