Three important threads emerged in the news over the weekend that are worth keeping in mind as the week starts.

1 – Trump did a lot of Tweeting over the weekend bashing the Steele dossier because another part of it has been verified regarding the Russian hackers that broke into the emails of Democratic officials.  Trump’s strategy is simple: deny the truth and hope his cult of followers believes him.  The Steele dossier also says that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, and when that fact is verified, Trump will have laid the groundwork to fool his cult.  Here’s great coverage in Sky News:

2 – More than once over the weekend Trump simply refused to acknowledge the rise of white supremacist violence.  Despite the numbers, despite the news coverage, despite the recent history of violence and terror in the United States, Trump needs to deny the reality of supremacist terror.  His Muslim ban, his anti-Muslim rhetoric, his veiled appeals to violence and intolerance all feed into the renewal of the white supremacy movement.  David Leonhardt lays it out potently in the New York Times:

3 – Presidential elections are run by the states, not the Federal government.  So Washington State passed a bill that requires all Presidential candidates to disclose their taxes before they are allowed on the state ballot.  And God knows, Trump won’t disclose.  Hillary Clinton won Washington State with 54% of the vote so Trump doesn’t need Washington to win, but if a few more states enact similar legislation it will alter the dynamics of the 2020 race.  It will allow Trump to concentrate in fewer states, but it will also allow the Democratic challenger to concentrate on fewer states as well.  On balance, it’s easier to imagine that it will help the Democrats more than hurt.

Have a good week and keep resisting…

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