Paul Manafort was sentenced for the second batch of felonies yesterday, given an additional 3.5 years added onto his previous 4-year, so he will spend 7.5 years in prison unless pardoned by Trump.

However, after the sentence was handed down the New York City District Attorney immediately filed state charges against Manafort, including mortgage fraud–charges that a presidential pardon cannot touch.  So it looks like Manafort’s goose is cooked no matter what Trump does.  Couldn’t happen to a more otherwise-blameless guy.

Congressman Adam Schiff made a public statement yesterday expressing concern that there is growing evidence of obstruction of justice by Trump.  His comments may have been connected to closed-door hearings between former acting AG Matt Whitaker and Rep Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee that reportedly confirmed that Trump had approached Whitaker about replacing Justice Department officials in the Southern District of New York who were investigating Trump.

At about the same time, the Senate was voting to reject Trump’s emergency declaration at the border, which will force Trump to veto the bill and send it back to the Senate to see if there are enough votes to override the veto.  Stay tuned.

Keep on resisting…

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