When you think about it, this is pretty wild: many Republicans in Congress are willing to give up money already appropriated for military projects in their districts so that Trump can build his wall under the guise of an emergency.  In our state, Republican Rep Lee Zeldin offered Trump the $20 million allocated for a new National Guard base in his district Long Island.  It will mean lost work and lost jobs for hundreds of voters, if not more.

That’s how scared Republicans in red districts are of Trump and his loud, angry cult of followers.  Republicans are terrified of being primaried by them so rather than uphold their oaths of office and defend our Constitution, they would sell their souls and sell out people in their district for a chance at another term.

Dana Milbank has a good take on this in the Washington Post:


Democrats must never let voters forget that their Republican Reps put Trump’s phony emergency over the very real projects that would have helped people in their communities.

Meanwhile, it appears that Michael Flynn will put off sentencing for another sixty to ninety days while he finishing his cooperation with Mueller’s prosecutors.  And today is the big day for Paul Manafort–will the judge hand him a harsher sentence than he got last week?

Finally, keep an eye on the New York Attorney General’s subpoena of Deutsche Bank’s records on loans to Trump.  They would lend to him when no one else would, and we are likely to find out why.  It could have to do with fraudulent loan applications that grossly overstated the values of assets Trump claimed to own.  He’s in hot water on every possible front, and if the New York State charges ensnare his children, they can’t be pardoned by Trump.

Keep resisting…

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