Everywhere you look in the Trump administration you find corruption.  Any one of the daily scandals from Trump and his staff would have been a major blow to any other president.  If Obama had allowed a former massage madam to broker access to his private events for Chinese nationals, conservatives would have exploded in rage and we’d never hear the end of it.  But for Trump, it’s just another sleazy day.

We also learned yesterday that the crooks in the Trump machine were not only ripping off our government but were also ripping off the GOP.  Turns out a pro Trump PAC founded by Paul Manafort was allegedly skimming money to pay at least one of its officers in a criminal way–it should have been disclosed to the FEC but wasn’t. The conservatives were conning conservatives.


Perhaps the most consequential news yesterday came from Trump’s latest budget proposal.  Trump claimed over and over on the campaign trail that he would never cut Medicare yet in the budget just submitted he would cut $845 million from Medicare over ten years.  In other words, Trump continues his pathological lying.  This is exactly the kind of toxic, unpopular policy we need to pin on Trump relentlessly.

Proposed ad for any/all Democratic 2020 hopefuls:

“On the campaign trail Trump promised he would never cut Medicare.  But his 2019 budget tried to cut $845 million from Medicare.  Trump is a proven liar who will say whatever he needs to say to con voters.  Vote Democrat.  We’ll protect Medicare because we invented it.”

Tomorrow will be a significant day for Trump.  Paul Manafort will be sentenced for his second batch of felonies, and there will be a Michael Flynn status report to the court.

Stay tuned and keep resisting…

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