This has been another insane week in America, with most of the craziness connected to Trump.  He gave an insane, sweaty, unhinged speech at CPAC that reeked of desperation and fear, and then tweeted constantly about the Mueller probe, the Michael Cohen testimony, and the Manafort sentence.

Two weeks ago we had a ton of good news on the law-and-order front, but this week’s Manafort sentence was a historic low point.  The judge gave Manafort an incredibly lenient 27 month sentence and noted that Manafort was an otherwise blameless man.  In other words, a person who spent his career making millions from bloody dictators and tyrants and then committed financial fraud and then lied to investigators and then tried to undermine their investigation and then tampered with a witness and then showed ZERO remorse for his crimes is otherwise blameless in the eyes of an old white judge. It was, to put it mildly, a gross miscarriage of justice.

Perhaps the most damning revelation of the past week came with reports that not only did Trump violate protocol and give Jared Kushner a top-secret security clearance over the objections of everyone in the security apparatus but it’s looking like Kushner may have then given secret files to the Saudis leading to the death of Jamal Khashoggi in return for funding for one of Kushner’s failing building projects.  IF there was quid pro quo between Kushner and the Saudis it would be the biggest scandal yet to rock this corrupt-to-the-core administration.  So keep an eye on this developing story.

Meanwhile, a British writer was recently asked to describe Trump and the result is something so perfect and epic that only a cultural outsider looking in could have done it.  PLEASE check this out, it’s brilliant and nails Trump better than anything I’ve yet read:

The title of today’s blog is taken from this devastating take-down.

Enjoy your weekend and keep resisting…

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