Yesterday a Federal Judge gave former Trump campaign chair and admitted felon Paul Manafort a 47-month sentence for his crimes, one-fifth the length of incarceration suggested in Federal sentencing guidelines.

Not only was the judge hostile to the case from the very start, but he overlooked the fact that Manafort, in speaking to the court and judge yesterday, utterly failed to show any remorse or contrition for his crimes.  Instead he said he felt “humiliated”, presumably because he got caught, and was described by witnesses in the room as “arrogant.” In other words, Manafort made a mockery of the trial.

Crime sentences like this are an outrage, and highlight the vast disparities between violent crimes and so-called white-collar crimes.  Wealth and privilege become an enormous advantage in our legal system for no better reason than privilege protects privilege. It’s a simple fact that financial crime can cause vast suffering and hardship.  Think back a decade ago to the mortgage crisis where widespread predatory lending caused hundreds of thousands of people to lose their homes.

In Manafort’s case, he took millions of dollars from bloody dictators and tyrants while helping them maintain their iron grip on power–which surely cost the lives and liberty of countless people.  Yet Manafort received less time than a guy who got caught with a baggie of marijuana.  It’s a disgrace.

The good news is, Manafort has another sentencing that might not be as gentile, and he also faces the possibility of state charges and indictment on top of the Federal crimes he has already plead guilty to.

The judge in the Manafort trial has done a solid job of eroding the credibility of the court.  It’s a dark day in America when a judge can say about someone with such a long, dirty trail of deeds as Manafort that he has lived an “otherwise blameless life.”

This will only end when we overwhelmingly vote Donald Trump out of office.  Keep resisting…

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