If you were getting your news from the internet yesterday you probably saw a lot about whether Michael Cohen approached Trump’s lawyers for a pardon or vice versa, or you saw stories about the Democratic rift “caused” by Ilhan Omar, or you saw more about the handling of internal investigations by Kamala Harris.

However, you might have missed the testimony before the House of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.  She did a better job than just about any Trump cabinet member of embodying the Trump ethos: never admit fault, never admit failure, and lie shamelessly about the most basic and obviously verifiable facts.



Nielsen refused to answer any straightforward question, and refused to acknowledge that the cement-floored cages where immigrant children have been kept are, in fact, cages.  She wanted to con the House into believing that the cages were in fact hi-tech containment dormitories where children can relax and play.  It was beyond ridiculous.  And even more galling was her blank response when asked why she wasn’t outraged by the separation of children from parents and the failure of our systems to track the children and the parents so they can be reunited.  Her response implied that cruelty to the children is part of what keeps more families from coming.  It’s deterrence.

Yes, it was a historically disgusting and soulless performance full of cruelty and callousness. In other words, it was a sadly accurate embodiment of the Trump administration.  For the sake of the caged children, let’s keep resisting and working to Dump Trump in 2020.

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