A very short post today.  There’s been a lot of talk and debate recently about the Green New Deal, with those on the far right saying that it would bankrupt the nation and those on the left saying it’s plausible.  If you want a thoughtful and comprehensive take on the pros and cons, The New Yorker just published a review by John Cassidy titled The Good News About A Green New Deal:

“Right now, we have about ninety per cent or ninety-five per cent of the technology we need,” Mark Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford, told me. In a series of papers, Jacobson and his colleagues have laid out “roadmaps” to a zero-emissions economy for fifty states, fifty-three towns and cities, and a hundred and thirty-eight other countries, with a completion date of 2050. Just as in the Democrats’ Green New Deal, the central element of these roadmaps (and others) is converting the electric grid to clean energy by shutting down power stations that rely on fossil fuels and making some very large investments in wind, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal facilities.


The article is long but manageable and worth a read.

Cohen testifies to Congress behind closed doors today.  It will be interesting to study the faces of the Republicans as they leave the hearing.  Pale?  Stressed?

Keep resisting…

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