The Senate is prepared to take up and pass the bill recently passed by the House that aims to block the faux border emergency declared by Trump.  The bill will surely become the first veto of Trump’s presidency, and it is unclear whether the Senate can muster the votes to override his veto–or if they will even try.  But the initial passage will be a rebuke to the Trump border myth, and will surely fill him with dread knowing that he cannot control Congress anymore.

Add to that the fact that multiple House oversight committees are beginning to gear up to investigate Trump on dozens of fronts, and it makes for a very uncomfortable future for the Liar In Chief.  The hearings will surely expose any number of new scandals, and possibly even new crimes, but will it matter?  Michelle Goldberg examined that question in the New York Times yesterday:

Goldberg notes that it took two riveting and widely viewed hearings for public opinion to turn on Richard Nixon, thus forcing him out of office before he could be removed by impeachment–and she wonders if that could happen to Trump.

But there is a relatively recent dimension to the equation that was absent back then: Fox “News”.  Over the weekend I watched the documentary about Roger Ailes and it left me seething with anger.  He was a grotesque man who blatantly offered to help women’s TV careers in exchange for sex.  He apparently used the line, “If you want to play with the boys, you’ve got to lay with the boys.” Many women’s careers were ruined over the years, but it didn’t catch up to Ailes until he was an old man because he had amassed so much power that he became almost beyond consequence, especially under hapless Murdoch.  More to the point of this post, internal documents revealed that Fox was conceived from the start as an arm of the Republican party.  Ailes and his boss Murdoch didn’t like the fact that other news organizations had a liberal bias, meaning they were biased toward facts and good journalism.  So Ailes set out to make Fox into a propaganda machine that would spread rumors and make up stories out of thin air in order to help political candidates that he liked and to hurt people he hated–like the Clintons.

For forty years a certain segment of our population has been fed a steady diet of hatred, misogyny, bigotry, resentment, victimhood, fear, falsehoods and fantasies of vengeance.  And this four-decade project has brought us Donald Trump.  It also makes it much harder for the citizens caught in the Fox bullshit-bubble to get any real facts, and this will hold true of the House hearings.  Will Fox even show them?  If not, then it will be very hard for the Senate to ever take impeachment action against Trump no matter how bad his crimes.

So we have to keep working hard to vote him out in 2020, no matter who the Democratic nominee is, because none of the nominees are remotely as awful and divisive and malignant and pernicious as Trump.  Not even close.

Keep resisting…


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