The Republican party has become unrecognizable under Trump.  With each passing day and with each notable conservative defection the GOP becomes more fully a creature of Trump. His Nuremberg rallies are becoming increasingly obscene, and his CPAC speech was a new low in unhinged bloviating.  But it’s the responses of his crowds that expose the new rotten core of what used to be conservatism.

Think back over the last forty years and recall everything the Republican party said it stood for.  Under Trump, it now stands for the exact opposite, as his crowds confirm.

The party of law and order now trashes the justice system, screams that the FBI are corrupt, and fumes that law enforcement is part of a deep state conspiracy.  Republican prosecutor Ken Starr talked during the Clinton years about the sanctity of the law, that nothing was more important, but today’s Republican leaders want Trump and his crimes to be above the law to preserve their power.

The party of defense and military now sides with a president who openly disdains our generals, insults gold star families, and works to erode veterans’ benefits.  “I know more than the generals!”  Trump sends troops to the border during the holidays for an emergency that doesn’t exist.  Trump then sides with dictators and tyrants over our own intelligence community–and his cult cheers.

The party shrieked and moaned about deficits under Obama, yet their history shows they are profligate spenders and for decades have done a much worse job of managing our debt and economy than Democrats, including Trump whose tax scam has exploded the national deficit.

The party used to champion and cater to middle America and farmers, but now the trump tariffs are screwing soy farmers, his health policies will have the largest negative effect among his midwestern and southern voters, his campaign promises wilt as our infrastructure continues to crumble, and cities throughout the rust belt still have polluted air and water.

The party used to hate Russia and work to curb their influence.  “Mister Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”  Now, the Trump regime and the Republican party are lousy with Russians and Russian money.  The NRA, long a prominent booster of the GOP, is mired in a Russian money scandal.  Dozens of Trump staffers and his close circle all had direct contacts with Russian operatives during and after the campaign, then many lied about it to investigators.  WHY?  His cult doesn’t care.  They cheer.

The party used to crow about family values.  Now they’ve become the party that supports accused child molesters, sexual harassers, and adulterers.  Trump cheated on all three of his wives, most recently having an affair with a porn star while his wife was pregnant.  Trump insults war heroes and former presidents and our allies, and can’t stop himself from Tweeting degrading and misogynist rubbish.  Yet his cult compares him to Jesus.

The party used to care about individual liberty.  Now Trump wants to use eminent domain to take ranches and property away from (mostly Republican) citizens along the border.  He wants to jail reporters and women who have abortions and his political opponents.  His crowd cheers, “Lock her up”.

The party used to righteously claim that they were “principled Republicans.”  Now, they’ve been reduced to the party whose cult disdains non-whites and rages against abortion while the elected reps are obvious and unapologetic prostitutes to greed and corporate money.  Every multinational industry whose existence depends on screwing customers or the environment (oil, pharma, insurance, chemicals, banking, etc.) sides with the Republicans while their lobbyists write legislation that Republican politicians push through Congress and statehouses.  That’s no coincidence.

Hatred, disdain, grievance, vengeance, and cruelty have become the primary emotions undergirding Trump’s rallies.  These are the forces we are resisting as we work to deny Trump another term and replace Republicans with Democrats.  And the malignant mutation of the Republican party is something we need to continue pointing out.  Keep resisting…

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