In case you missed it, Trump made an appearance at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) yesterday and spoke for a whopping 2 hours and 20 minutes.  His talk was intolerably long and it was also borderline insane.  The loony stuff that came out of  his mouth was unbecoming an elected representative, but it was also said with a constantly shifting emotional fire, bouncing from rage to desperation to self-satisfaction and back.  To say that Trump needed to vent would be an understatement.  The pressure of multiple investigations and congressional policy losses was obviously getting to him, particularly the net drawing closer around his children.

SNL strung together a few highlights of Trump’s crazy CPAC meltdown which you can see toward the end of the video clip at this link:

In particular, Trump must be wary of the House committee that will now be looking into the security clearance of Jared Kushner, whose activities got the attention of Nicholas Kristof, writing about his concerns in an op-ed in the New York Times yesterday:

There’s another element of Trump’s Saudi policy that is simply repulsive: the fawning courtship of a foreign prince who has created in Yemen the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, murdered a journalist and tortured women’s rights activists. The White House genuflections are such that Prince Mohammed had a point when, according to The Intercept, he bragged that he had Kushner in his “pocket.”

Full article here:

If it turns out that Trump gave Jared a security clearance so Jared could give the Saudis our government’s nuclear secrets to entice them to fund one of Jared’s projects, that would be an impeachable offense according to counter-terrorism expert Malcolm Nance.

But either way, for Trump to demand a clearance for Jared above the objections of everyone else involved in the security-clearance process is an irresponsible betrayal of our national security.  And for Trump to then lie about it on multiple occasions to journalists and reporters demonstrates that Trump doesn’t give a damn about anything but himself and his family.  He will lie, cheat and steal if it gets him where he wants to go.

None of this is normal.  It’s third-world dictator stuff.  And Trump is only going to get more frantic until he is tossed from office, one way or another.

Keep resisting…

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