The end of another crazy week of news left us with several significant stories to ponder this weekend, all related to the corruption of Donald Trump.

In the wake of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress, House committees can can investigate several new crimes that Trump is potentially guilty of committing, including bank fraud and tax fraud tied to the criminal inflation or deflation of asset values. Expect the administrators of Trump’s business, including accountant Allen Weisselberg, whose name has been at the center of all of Trump’s business dealings.  If Trump inflated or deflated crimes to fool banks or the IRS, those would be felonies.

The New York Times recently published a bombshell report that Jared Kushner’s inexplicable security clearance was personally authorized by Trump over the objections of national security advisers and White House chief counsel.  Trump has the authority to overrule his security clearance staff, but in a recent interview he flatly denied any involvement in Kushner’s clearance.  Daughter Ivanka Trump also flatly denied any involvement by Trump in the authorizations.  But with the disclosure in the Times it looks like both Donald and Ivanka brazenly lied.  Now Democrats in Congress are gearing up to investigate.

Trump is getting significant criticism–some of it from his own party–for saying publicly that he believed brutal dictator Kim Jong Un’s claim of knowing nothing about the lethal mistreatment in North Korea of American citizen Otto Warmbier.  It was an epic disgrace for Trump to side with a bloody tyrant over our own intelligence agencies who blame Kim for the fate of Warmbier. And yesterday, the Warmbier family rebuked Trump by reiterating that they believe Kim was responsible for their son’s death.  Now Democrats in the House are preparing a resolution blaming Kim for Warmbier’s death, which should be a no-brainer for Republicans to join in approving–though many have joined the Trump cult and may vote “no” regardless of the shame and condemnation it would bring.  Trump’s inclination to support and side with dictators and autocrats is horrifying and calls into question his loyalty to our nation and its values.

For these and many other reasons, it’s our urgent job as activists to do what we can to ensure that lyin’ Don doesn’t earn a second term.  Please keep resisting…

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