Several takeaways from the news yesterday:

1. In his testimony to the House Oversight Committee yesterday former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen stated that investigators are exploring other, as-yet-unnamed crimes that Donald Trump committed, and accused Trump of several different kinds of financial fraud.  This news alone should send a shudder up the spines of the Trump regime.

2. Michael Cohen brought signed checks to Congress that evidence Trump’s participation in a felony federal election fraud, which we already knew about but now have solid physical evidence confirming.  Cohen told Republican House members that their support of Trump will lead them to a bad fate, just like he himself experienced.

3. The Trump/Kim summit in Vietnam was a total bust.  The Great Negotiator fell flat on his face, flying to the other side of the globe for a splashy international summit that quickly yielded ZERO. Trump did his best to try to save face, but the only winner from the summit was Dictator Kim, who continues to enjoy a profile and legitimacy that he has never had before Trump.

4. A bill to require universal background checks on gun purchases, HR-8, passed the House of Representatives yesterday, the first gun legislation in 20 years.  It may not pass the Senate, but if nothing else it will serve to expose just who the NRA toadies are in Congress and contrast them with Reps who instead put people and safety before profit.

5. The bill to repeal Trump’s national emergency declaration that passed the House two days ago will now proceed to the Senate, where it will likely pass.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating.  The minute Trump is no longer president he will be indicted.  He’s a crook, and with each passing day we have more and more evidence to back that fact up.  Democrats will spend the next 18 months gathering that evidence and gaining a clearer picture of his misdeeds, while the Southern District of New York will continue to dig into his personal finances and business practices.  Trump never expected to become president and endure such scrutiny, and now he and his family are screwed.

Keep resisting…

One thought on “Day 770 – Cohen is Just the Beginning

  1. John—
    Thanks for the clarity and the simplicity of explanation here. You write so well, and I plan to read this along with the NYT, Politico, and the Washington Post each morning. Carla Lib

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