It seems increasingly clear that the GOP is freaked out in advance of the testimony today from Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen to the House Oversight Committee.  Florida Congressman and Trump cheerleader Matt Gaetz sent out a Tweet yesterday that was tantamount to witness tampering, threatening Cohen with disclosure of alleged affairs–a Tweet borne of fear and desperation.  The Tweet was possibly illegal and undeniably unethical, and social media was subsequently awash with asks for people to call the Florida Bar Association to demand that lawyer Gaetz be investigated.

The desperation stems in part from disclosures that Cohen is bringing evidence to Congress in the form of a check signed by Trump proving that Trump was part of a felony election fraud that was committed while Trump was a candidate, and paid for while Trump was in the Oval Office.  If true, this alone would be grounds for immediate impeachment for any other normal president but Trump.  Cohen is also ready to testify that he believed Trump was in the loop with Roger Stone regarding the Wikileaks email dump, which would add further weight to the notion that Trump himself was part of a criminal conspiracy to enlist Russian proxies in subverting the Democratic process.  These damaging disclosures come from a leak last night of Cohen’s prepared opening remarks, a huge story broken by Politico in the late evening.

There are too many nuggets to quote there, so this is a MUST READ:

Cohen’s testimony is going to be a huge problem for Trump, who is conveniently away in Vietnam for his summit with brutal dictator Kim Jong Un.  If Cohen’s testimony and evidence seem credible, it’s possible the House Oversight Committee could demand that the DOJ consider charging Trump with a crime. At the very least, any credible allegation of a crime while Trump was in office will be a very sticky issue for the DOJ to wrestle with.

No matter what else comes to light, today will be a disaster for Trump and his inner circle.  Watch the hearing if you can.  It starts around 10am.  And keep resisting…

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