Former CIA Director John Brennan appeared on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show last night and, when asked to predict how the Mueller investigation might end, made an interesting and provocative prediction that I have not heard others make.  Brennan said that when the Mueller report is finally submitted to Congress he suspects a final round of indictments from Mueller at the same time.  He hinted that the indictments would be the biggest fish netted thus far, possibly Trump’s children or in-laws.  Brennan reasoned that if the indictments were to come sooner than the report, they would cut “too close to the bone” and jeopardize Mueller’s entire effort.  So in effect, Brennan was suggesting that Mueller was going to end the investigation with a bang, putting all his remaining cards on the table in one act.

It’s an interesting theory, and though Brennan insists he is only speculating, he might have been privy to some of the initial intel that formed the first counter intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign, and he is surely friends with people in the intelligence community who have a deep understanding of prosecutions and have tried to game the Mueller probe out.  His theory would explain why a player like Don Jr. has not been indicted yet even though he almost certainly lied to Congress.  The plan would also make it more difficult for Trump to pardon his children if he were simultaneously implicated in wrongdoing that was connected to them.  It’s more odious and indefensible to pardon co-conspirators.

The testimony later this week by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen won’t fill in any blanks on the Russian conspiracy front, but it may add many more damaging allegations to those already weighing on Trump’s shoulders.  One issue that has been hot in the rumor mill concerns whether Cohen and Trump bought the silence of other women that Trump cheated with, especially if Trump paid for any of their abortions.  His evangelical supporters don’t care about cheating, but they care very much about abortions, so this is a topic to watch.  And since the Mueller probe is apparently not concerning itself with Trump’s finances, it is up to Congress to ply from Cohen any fraudulent transactions or practices he might have helped with or been aware of within the Trump org.  So his testimony should be riveting.

Things are heating up.  Stay tuned and keep resisting…

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