There have been so many scandals, lies, and crimes from Trump and his administration that you may not even remember that early in 2018 the Trump regime imposed a 30% tariff on imported solar panels.  Turns out, those tariffs had a significant impact on the solar industry in America.  James Ellsmoor in Forbes magazine published an analysis of the impact, noting that 20,000 jobs have been lost in solar under Trump, some inevitable but many due to the tariffs.

It’s galling that Trump not only hurt the solar industry but at the same time promoted the dying, highly-polluting coal industry.  And his crooked cabinet has bent over backwards to help the extraction industries, failing to enforce rules or rolling back protections or easing restriction.  They embrace the dirty, environment-destroying past with no plan for the future.

By contrast, 60 Minutes did a segment last night about the electric car industry in China, which sold roughly 1 million electric vehicles in 2018 and is pushing for more in 2019.  They track every electric car in their large cities and plan charging stations and traffic flow accordingly.  And they plan their cities and energy use and urban plans many, many years in the future.  Right now they are kicking our ass, taking the lead in the fight against climate change, both reducing their dependence on coal and phasing in renewable energy.

Our most important challenge is to vote out as many Republicans from government as possible, and to make sure Trump doesn’t cheat and bully his way into a second term.  We must also replace the few remaining Democrats who are beholden to the oil companies with Democrats who put people and the fate of the planet above greed and profits.  Only then will we be able to come close to addressing the grave peril that climate change poses to our planet and the lives of all the creatures who live on it.  As most of you know, we have reached a dire and critical point in the ongoing climate catastrophe, and small incremental solutions won’t be enough to reverse course.  We need bold and significant action.

Keep participating in activism and keep resisting…


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