Antonio Delgado held two town halls in different counties yesterday and then attended a Black History Month Gala in Kingston last night.  It’s safe to say that nobody in Congress works harder than Congressman Delgado.  Unlike John Faso, Delgado is listening to his constituents and working on legislation in Washington to help them.  One of the main concerns expressed to him has been the plight of dairy farmers in our district, many of whom are family operations that have been squeezed by Big Ag and are hurting, so Delgado is looking for ways to remove barriers that keep them from competing.  He is also focused on health care issues, another big concern of the district.

The sentencing memo for Paul Manafort was released yesterday by the Mueller team and it was blunt.  Manafort did nothing for Federal prosecutors that might mitigate his crimes, and did many things to aggravate the circumstances of his conviction.  He was characterized as a long-term criminal who even continued to commit serious crimes while under indictment, and was deemed a person very likely to continue breaking laws.  They recommended the maximum sentence.

Many national figures in the Democratic party were active on Social media yesterday, and here are two Twitter posts worth highlighting.  The first from Rep Adam Schiff regarding the Labor Secretary Acosta scandal:

The second from Rep Justin Amash regarding the Trump faux-mergency:

Have a restful Sunday and keep resisting…

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