Yesterday was a good day for Justice in America.  While the upper reaches of the Justice Department are now run by Trump ideologues, the courts as well as the rank and file state and federal prosecutors are doing just fine.  These were yesterday’s highlights:

1) A court found that the prosecution of hedge-funder and child molester Jeffrey Epstein by now-Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta violated the law.  Acosta and Epstein cut a deal without the knowledge or participation of the victims of Epstein’s crimes, an astonishing and apparently illegal scheme.  The remedy is yet unclear, but it seems possible that the trail of Epstein–a friend of Donald Trump–could be re-opened.  It is also unclear what will happen to disgraced Acosta’s job in the Trump administration.

2) A court found that Trump adviser Roger Stone violated the terms of his gag order by publishing a picture on Instagram of his presiding judge with a target near her head.  Though Stone’s bail wasn’t revoked, he is now prohibited from social media posts and public comments about the case. One more mistake and Stone will be sent to the slammer to await his trail.

3) Election officials in North Carolina ruled that last November’s Congressional district win by Republican Mark Harris was tainted by election fraud and needed to be redone.  A new election will now be scheduled, which was a huge victory for the integrity of the vote, and confirmed that election fraud does exist–perpetrated by Republicans.

All three of these decisions were heartening affirmations that our courts are still vigorously pursuing justice.  As we head into next week, more legal action will likely break, including testimony by Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to Congress, and perhaps even the submission by Robert Mueller of his report on Russian Interference in our Election to new Attorney General William Barr.  These two items are probably not a coincidence–with the Mueller report dropping, Cohen might be free to discuss more than he would have with the report still secret.

Stay tuned and keep resisting…

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