Donald Trump continued his Twitter rampage yesterday, essentially calling former FBI head Andrew McCabe and deputy AG Rod Rosenstein traitors, and also tweeting other assorted random garbage unbecoming the office of the president.  Commentators and analysts continued to parse his rambling, semi-coherent speech from the Rose Garden over the weekend when he admitted that his “emergency” wasn’t necessary but rather a ploy to speed up the funding that he demands for his vanity wall.  The speech was truly insane, and Dahlia Lithwick wrote an amazing reaction to it in Slate, linked here:

Attacking the investigators and impugning the justice system is exactly what third-world dictators do, which would be a little less horrifying except that the Republicans in Congress have completely given up and betrayed their oaths of office by staying almost completely silent in the face of Trump’s constant and profound transgressions.

The GOP bitched and moaned when Obama tried to legislate by executive order, but he never did anything as extreme as the Trump faux-mergency.  Yet the GOP’s silence is another example of the fact that they have no core and no soul.  All their “family values” talk, all their “law and order” talk, all their righteous indignation and constant moralizing was all bullshit.  It was an act.  At best, they are amoral, and at worst, they are immoral.  They go berserk when a zygote is terminated but don’t give a crap when thousands of children are ripped from parents and caged.  They go nuts when the deficit goes up under a Democrat but say ZERO when a Republican mushrooms the deficit to historic and unprecedented levels.  Their heads explode when Obama wears a tan suit in the Oval Office but cheer when Trump lies his face off every single day.

We simply can’t let the GOP forget their complete hypocrisy and immorality.  For the next fifty years, whenever a Republican starts to criticize a Democrat, the Democrat should blast back “Trump”.

R: “You Democrats are lying–”
D: “Trump!”

R: “You Democrats are fiscally irresp–”
D: “Trump! So shut up.”

The spineless GOP have become prostitutes to power at the expense of everything else they’ve ever held or claimed to hold dear.  And now their rotting brand will sink with the Trumptanic. And we can’t let them or the voters forget it.

Twenty years ago GOP prosecutor Kenneth Starr spoke passionately that the law was sacred and had to be followed.  When it wasn’t, authorities were obligated to investigate and seek justice no matter what.  The GOP now seems to embrace the exact opposite of those sentiments.  The “law and order” party has become the “crime and disorder” party.

Hold the GOP accountable for their fecklessness and hypocrisy, and keep resisting…

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