Donald Trump made a visit to the Texas border town of El Paso last night to hold a campaign rally and reinforce the blatant lies he’s been telling about border security. El Paso is a blue town in a red state, so Trump had to bus in a lot of cult members from cities like Houston to cheer his ego and his angry, overblown falsehoods.

Across the street, Democrats led by Beto O’Rourke held a protest rally to make sure that Trump’s lies didn’t go unchallenged.  Trump has done his best to demonize Central and South Americans, and it’s clear his dream is to keep as many of them from getting into our country as possible.  But the lies he tells are so obviously false that even Republican governors and mayors along the border are fighting back and rejecting the Trump tactic.

  • Trump paints El Paso as a town rife with crime caused by Mexican rapists and murderers that became safe when a border wall was built.
  • It’s a simple fact that cities along the border are safer than other cities in America, and they’ve been that way long before any border wall or fencing was in place.
  • It’s a fact that border crossings are near fifty year lows, and that the majority of people who show up at the border now are families with children.
  • It’s a fact that most of the drug smuggling and sex trafficking occurs not along the uncontrolled border but instead at points of entry and ports of entry.  So a wall would have little effect on those crimes.
  • It’s a fact that immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than people born here in the United States.

Trump lies as easily as he breathes.  He often says the exact opposite of the truth because it’s so audacious and blatant that gullible, naive, or deluded people won’t accept that he can be doing it–a tactic used by Nazi Germany known as “The Big Lie.” But the majority of Americans don’t believe his bullshit, and many of the residents in Texas know that his latest claims are a pack of lies.

Trump is about to get hit with another truth bomb.  Congressional negotiators have apparently agreed on a deal to keep the government funded, and the deal doesn’t include anything near the $5 billion Trump wanted as a “downpayment” on a wall.  It’s closer in form to the deal that Republicans and Democrats originally agreed to before Trump caved in to Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.  How will he react?  It will probably involve lying.

We can’t allow Trump’s lies to go unchecked or unchallenged.  His fear-mongering about the border and towns like El Paso is disgusting and ridiculous, and does nothing but stoke racial animus and resentment.  Let’s keep speaking truth to power.  And let’s keep resisting…

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