Yesterday’s news was dominated by the Congressional testimony of acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, who was clearly outmatched buy House members. Trump only hires the worst people, and Whitaker is no exception.  Whitaker has never been confirmed by the Senate and is awaiting the likely confirmation of his replacement, William Barr.  But the grilling of Whitaker yesterday was notable.  Dana Milbank had the best take on it in WaPo:

Friday’s raucous, six-hour hearing was a vivid reminder that time has run out for the Trump administration. For two years, the GOP majority shielded Trump administration incompetence and worse from public view. That ends now.

Link to full editorial:

Of much greater import, the recent Supreme Court decision to stay the strict Louisiana anti abortion law while awaiting appeal has a lot of Pro Choice activists worried.  Justice Roberts joined the liberals on the court supporting the stay, but he may join the conservatives when it comes to the actual appeal.

The disputed Louisiana law provides a blueprint for the way partisan conservative activists on the court will try to chip away at Roe v Wade, as Leah Litman confirms in an editorial, again from WaPo:

That is how Roe v. Wade will die. Not with a bang, but with a million little distinctions that judges will draw to limit the impact of any cases that invalidate restrictions on abortion. By voting to allow the Louisiana law to go into effect, four justices gave the okay to states and lower courts to limit Roe by whatever means necessary.

Link to full editorial:

It’s notable that the stay of the Louisiana law was dissented by Judge Kavanaugh.  Maine Senator Susan Collins continued to take abuse on social media yesterday for her vote to affirm Kavanaugh.  Collins and others pretended Kavanaugh wasn’t a partisan hack and judicial activist, but–shocker!–he clearly has no intention of following precedent and upholding Roe v Wade, instead appearing determined to get rid of Roe one way or another (and not for the sake of the Constitution but for the sake of his Catholic superstitions).

Kavanaugh is one of hundreds of judges vetted and approved by the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society, both of which are groups funded by the Koch Brothers. These groups pretend to be “think tanks” and wrap their organizations in important-sounding names and lofty rhetoric, but they are merely surrogates that exercise the power and prejudice of two billionaires who have so much money that they can effectively buy our courts and government. In fact, something like 80% of the judges nominated by the Trump regime are backed and recommended by a Koch group. When seen broadly, the Koch enterprise–like the Murdoch enterprise, the Sinclair media enterprise, the Mercer enterprise–is a deeply unAmerican, unDemocratic perversion rotting the heart of our democracy.  And the sooner we can get their dirty money out of our political system, the sooner our nation will work for the sake of people instead of greedy plutocrats.

Have a nice weekend and keep resisting…

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