On the day before Trump’s State of the Union speech, news broke that prosecutors from the Southern District of New York issued a subpoena to the Trump Inaugural Committee to see donor records, looking to see if any contributors to the inauguration were foreign, which would be against the law.  Apparently there are ways to hide or disguise donors that investigators want to delve into to see if there was any subterfuge.

In an interview with ABC for the Super Bowl, Trump dismissed his legal troubles and claimed that he can’t be impeached because he hadn’t committed any “high crimes or misdemeanors.”  Yet he remains an unindicted co-conspirator in two felony Federal Election Fraud charges. If he weren’t president, he would have been arrested and hauled to court along with his longtime attorney Michael Cohen.  So regardless of what comes to light in the future, the Senate already has solid cause to impeach Trump from the Cohen charges alone. He’s cornered.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Mueller probe has already produced 37 indictments!  If I were in Nancy Pelosi’s shoes, I would give all of my fellow House Democrats a small lapel pin of the numeral “37” to wear tomorrow during the State of the Union speech.  It would be sensational.

It also came to light over the weekend, thanks to a leak to Axios disclosing three months of Donald Trump’s private schedule, that Trump is laziest do-nothing president in a generation, if not longer.  Aside from all his golfing, Trump spends hours a day watching TV and calling his friends to see “how he’s doing.”  And according to reports, he no longer gets briefings from a wide array of agencies that any other president would deem crucial.  The security implications of that claim are horrifying.

Fortunately, a solid majority of Americans are opposed to Trump, and the numbers continue to grow against him. Fully 57% of Americans state that they will NOT support Trump in the 2020 election.  If that number holds constant, his chances of re-election are slim.  Here is a great breakdown of recent polling from Jennifer Rubin in WaPo:


On so many fronts, Trump is screwed.  His latest plan, to declare a national emergency to fund his border wall vanity project, is getting significant push-back from Republicans.  The know he will likely be out of office by Jan of 2021 and they don’t want a new Democratic president to declare a national emergency for, say, climate change.  So they are urging Trump not to set a dangerous precedent.  Good luck with that.

We will see what surprises Trump has in store for us tonight in the SOTU.  I predict a lot of blather interspersed by immigrant fear-mongering.

Don’t waste your time watching Trump, but keep resisting…

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