A lot has been happening in the news this weekend.

The Metropolitan Detention Center has been mostly without heat for the last week, and many of those detained are people accused of crimes and awaiting trail who could not afford bail. In other words, many inmates are innocent but couldn’t afford freedom prior to trial. This disgraceful situation sparked outrage and motivated activists and New York politicians to stage a protest yesterday demanding better conditions. Resources have been mobilized, including a massive blanket delivery, so the situation seems to have improved.

The Democratic Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, was besieged by calls to resign after it was discovered that his medical school yearbook page contained a photo of two people, one in blackface and one in a KKK hood. Northam denied being either person, but admitted to donning partial blackface once as a costume tribute to Michael Jackson.  Northam refused to resign, apologizing for the photo and saying that mistakes made 35 years ago should not disqualify him from office.  But many commentators, civil rights groups, and Democratic politicians disagreed. It’s hard to know how much of Northam’s claims to believe. Democrats seem determined to enforce a zero-tolerance policy on their own politicians, but don’t seem to show the same mobilized outrage when photos of Republican politicians in front of Confederate flags surface, or when Republicans meet with or forward materials from white supremacists, and this inconsistency will only help the GOP in the future.

Reports surfaced Friday and yesterday that Donald Trump tried to get a loan from Deutsche Bank in 2016 but was rejected, and many are speculating that he turned to the Russians for help, which might explain some of his fealty to them. Several forensic accounting experts have been insisting that Trump and his businesses were nearly broke in 2016 because his company had taken on so much debt–which is why Deutsche Bank declined to loan, worried about his ability to replay.  Many intelligence community insiders on Twitter think this is the real core of the Mueller probe, that Trump’s motives in colluding with the Russians stemmed from his severe financial need and greed, his presidency a chance to make money and “pay back” his Russian financial saviors.  Keep an eye on this story.

Enjoy the heat wave and keep resisting…

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