The arrogance and delusion of Donald Trump knows no bounds.  It’s horrifying enough that his “understanding” of our southern border seems to come not from his agency heads nor briefings by experts but instead from the movie Sicario, whose totally fictional elements, such as border agents finding Muslim prayer flags, made their way into a Trump speech.  But then Trump declared that the entire American Intelligence community has no idea what is going on, no idea what the real risks are to our nation, but Trump does because he’s so much smarter than any of them, declaring that they need to go back to school!  Describing Trump as a pathological narcissist is neither hysterical nor melodramatic. It’s just a sad fact.

A great editorial appeared in the New York Times yesterday by Carol Giacomo which featured a series of assessments–via Twitter–by retired four-star general Martin Dempsey, whose hard-earned wisdom has a lot to say about Trump’s deficiencies as a leader–without ever mentioning Trump.  Here’s an example:

His Twitter feed is a steady stream of observations about leadership and life that draw a stark contrast with our dangerously incompetent president.

Here’s the editorial, which is a great read:

It’s comforting to know that so many members of our top military brass understand what an aberrant and dangerous fool Trump is.  Their concern should bolster our own motivation to work to remove Trump from office in 2020–if Mueller doesn’t do it sooner.

On the local front, Congressman Antonio Delgado is holding a Town Hall TODAY at the Sullivan County Town Hall, 19 School Street in Livingston Manor from 3 to 4 pm.

The extreme cold should be on its way out today as we slowly return to normal temperatures, and even some warm days next week.

Stay warm and keep resisting…

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