The latest in a flurry of New York State legislative victories occurred yesterday as six major gun control bills passed both the Senate and Assembly–bills that would have been impossible when the destructive IDC was able to control the legislature.

The bills:

  • Make it illegal to make or sell bump stocks.
  • Prohibit firearms on school property except by authorized security personnel.
  • Allow a judge to temporarily remove guns from a person deemed a threat.
  • Establish a municipal gun buyback program.
  • Extend the waiting period to 30 days after an inconclusive background check.
  • Expand mental health checks to include out-of-state databases.

Here’s coverage by Abraham Kenmore in the Watertown Daily Times:

The passage of these bills was another reminder that local elections have huge consequences. Motivated and focused activists can remove lawmakers who are beholden to wealthy special interests (the NRA) and replace them reps who reflect the will and values of the citizens.

And let’s be clear–these laws aren’t radical nor are they far-right.  And the Democrats aren’t extreme nor far-right, despite attempts by Fox and other propaganda outlets to paint them that way.  On policy after policy, the Democrats reflect what a solid majority of Americans want, backed up by poll after poll.

A majority of Americans want gun control.  Affordable health care for everyone.  Higher taxes on the wealthy.  Action on climate change.  Expanded voting rights.  A stronger educational system.  A stable and predictable economy.  These are not fringe positions, they are mainstream and centrist.

Don’t let con-men like Donald Trump and Howard Schultz and Sean Hannity and Steve Mnuchin and Larry Kudlow push the falsehood that the Democrats are not in the mainstream.  In fact, it’s the Republicans who are on the fringe, and their sinking popularity proves it.

Democrats in the New York Legislature will continue to advance progressive mainstream legislation, so stay tuned.

And keep resisting…

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