It’s been reported in the past few days that billionaire businessman Howard Schultz, former head of Starbucks, is thinking of running a self-funded campaign as a “centrist independent”.  The life-long Democrat is locked in the delusion that both parties are equally bad at governing, despite all evidence to the contrary.

We had a similar situation here in NY-19 when Diane Neal decided to run as an independent, but it turned out that she didn’t actually want to do much work, and definitely didn’t want to spend any money.  So her pitiful campaign was impotent from the start and never generated any momentum, failing miserably to pull many votes from Antonio Delgado.

Schultz, however, has a ton of money and could have an impact on the vote tallies depending on who the Democratic nominee is.  The 2020 election is likely to be more lopsided than the 2016 debacle, but the stakes are simply too high to take any chances.  We need to take a loud stance against Schultz and let him know how angry his arrogant view of Democrats makes us.

Here’s a great op-ed from Michelle Goldberg in the New York Times:

Don’t let a rich Ralph Nader swing the 2020 election to Trump.  Boycott Starbucks if need be, especially because Schultz likely retains a huge stake in the company.  And keep resisting…

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