Most of the political oxygen yesterday was spent on reporting the disastrous defeat Trump and the GOP suffered with the end of the shutdown, which amounted to a month of suffering for millions of families for which Trump got absolutely nothing.  No wall, no future wall funding, no concessions.  He agreed to the same deal he rejected weeks earlier.  In case anyone fantasized that he was an actual deal-maker, the truth couldn’t be clearer. He’s a real estate heir who spends daddy’s money pretending to play “businessman.” In short, a phony.

Much too was made of the Roger Stone indictments, both on TV and social media, which raised the probability of a conspiracy within the Trump camp and brought renewed focus to the illegal hacking of DNC emails by the Russians.  Former CIA director John Brennan in an interview on Good Morning America warned Americans to be ready for more high-profile indictments in the next two months–

I expect there to be a significant number, and a significant number of names that will be quite familiar to the average American.

Brennan’s comments came in response to the arrest of Stone, who Brennan described as “unethical and unprincipled.” Here is solid coverage of Brennan’s comments in Newsweek:

It’s hard to imagine a more repulsive pack of scumbags than the people Trump surrounds himself with (including Drumpf himself, of course).  Stone, Bannon, Miller, Sanders, Hannity, Jones, Limbaugh, Pecker, Manafort.  They deserve each other.

In local news, popular long-serving Dutchess County legislator Joel Tyner resigned last week in the wake of accusations of sexual harassment.  Tyner denied the allegations but admitted causing “real pain and damage to other human beings.”

Tyner’s resignation is a setback for progressives in District 11 who will now have to defend a more vulnerable seat in the next election cycle.  Meanwhile the town boards of Rhinebeck and Clinton will have to negotiate and vote for a replacement within thirty days.

But local progressives also have much to cheer about.  Several of the Democratic congressional contenders have stayed involved in local politics and are again running for office.  David Clegg is running for Ulster County District Attorney, and Pat Ryan is running for Ulster County Executive.  Also, Jeff Beals is now the chair of the Woodstock Democratic Committee.  It’s heartening to see so many talented and passionate members of that 2018 group continuing their service to our communities.

Keep supporting good candidates, and keep resisting…


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