If you were completely unplugged from news and media yesterday there are two things you need to know.

1)  The government shutdown is over for now.  Trump caved to increasing pressure on Republican lawmakers and signed a three-week continuing resolution, threatening to declare a national emergency on our border in three weeks if no border wall funding is forthcoming from Congress.  It was a huge win for Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats, and a crushing blow to Trump and his supporters.  Trump adviser Ann Coulter said that George Herbert Walker Bush can rest in peace now that he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to be president.

2) Trump confidante and long-time adviser Roger Stone was indicted on seven counts yesterday including lying to Congress and witness tampering.  It was another crushing blow to the Trump Team and brings us yet another step closer to a criminal conspiracy in the White House.  The charging documents stated that Stone’s interaction with Wikileaks was directed by two Senior White House officials, one of whom was allegedly Steve Bannon.  The other has to be one of the top officials like Manafort, Gates, Kushner, Donald Jr. or Trump himself.  This is the burning question left open by Stone’s indictments.  Here is the New York Times coverage:


Trump’s world keeps shrinking and his legal jeopardy keeps deepening.  Now that he’s cornered, it’s easy to imagine him getting more desperate and volatile, so keep your eye on Trump in the coming weeks.

Congressman Antonio Delgado held a second town hall yesterday but I haven’t seen video or a transcript of it.  I’ll post when/if it surfaces.  Enjoy your weekend and keep resisting…

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