Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seems to have won the latest round of brinksmanship with Donald Trump.  She rejected an attempt by Trump to force a State of the Union speech in the House of Representatives, and Trump eventually announced that he would postpone the speech until the government was re-opened.


The latest poll numbers show continued weakening of support for Trump and growing disapproval, as well as greater blame for the shutdown being cast on Trump, McConnell and the Republicans.  If this continues, it will become increasingly difficult for Republican Senators to stick with Trump and his border wall demand, and according to sources in DC, cracks are now starting to appear among his supporters in Congress.  Competing bills will be voted on today, and while none are currently expected to move forward, we may be entering a phase where Republicans are willing to replace the demand for a wall with a demand for increased funding for border security, which the Democrats have supported all along.

Meanwhile furloughed federal workers staged sit-ins in Washington yesterday, and several were arrested outside Mitch McConnell’s office in a high-profile PR disaster for the do-nothing Republican.

Groups are continuing to mobilize around the shutdown and we expect to see growing protests and louder complaints as the shutdown enters its second month and affected families struggle to make ends meet.  The more pressure we can put on lawmakers, the sooner the shutdown will end.  It’s important to keep supporting our Senators, and it’s also important to use social media to push the fact that Trump and McConnell could end the shutdown today but continue to refuse to return to the deal that was originally agreed upon and voted on.

Keep resisting…


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