The national Indivisible team announced that TODAY will be a national CALL IN DAY for activists to call their US Senators and pressure them to end the Trump Shutdown without funding a wasteful, impotent border wall.  Additional info from Indivisible at this link:

Please call and let our New York State Senators know how you feel about Trump’s shutdown and his border wall.  Our Senators need to know you’re in their corner.

Sen Schumer: (202) 224-6542

Sen Gillibrand: (202) 224-4451

Yesterday was another banner day for local politics.  The legislature in Albany passed another bill that would never have passed under the tyranny of the IDC, this focused on women’s reproductive health.  It’s called the Reproductive Health Act and it tries to codify the protections that came about under the Roe v Wade decision.  Here’s coverage from the Daily Freeman:

Local politics matter, and it’s wonderful that voters were able to rid Albany of the corrupt IDC.  But there is more work to do.  There were several NO votes from local legislators in #NY19 on the Reproductive Health Act, and these politicians need to be voted out as soon as possible.  They include Amedore, Ashkar, Jordan, Serino & Seward.

In the spirit of Faso Fridays, Hudson Valley Strong will soon be promoting a weekly action at the Hyde Park office of Republican Sue Serino on Tuesdays at noon, beginning on February 5th.  Dubbed “Send Sue Packing Tuesdays”, the protests will bring attention to Serino’s horrible voting history on policies like women’s reproductive health.

Please put Feb 5th on your calendar, and keep resisting…

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