In local news yesterday, Congressman Antonio Delgado held his first town hall since taking office.  Hundreds attended the Rensselaer County event, and you can see the entire talk at this link:

In national news yesterday, California Senator Kamala Harris became the fourth Democratic woman to announce her candidacy for President, joining Rep Tulsi Gabbard, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and our own Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.  In contrast to the weak, pitiful group of 2016 Republican primary challengers, the 2020 Democratic group is diverse and full of talent.  And for the first time in our history, we will have at least four women competing for the nomination.  Michelle Goldberg wrote a fantastic editorial yesterday in the New York Times about sexism in the 2016 election and why the 2020 election may be a game-changer for women.  It’s a fantastic read:

As activists we need to continue to do whatever we can to pressure Trump and McConnell to stop the government shutdown.  Please call Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and let them know the Democrats should stand firm and not accept any offer from Trump that isn’t legit and constructive–unlike his bogus DACA offer.  Senators log all of their calls, and on high-profile issues like resisting the border wall they want to receive your support, it’s like having a wind at their back.

Keep resisting…

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