Indivisible honors and reveres the legacy of Martin Luther King, and hopes you’re enjoying this special day of remembrance.

We’re officially closer to the end of Trump’s first (and last) term than the start.  Hard to believe it’s only been two years, especially when all of the scandals, outrages, flubs, lies and crimes are tallied up and marveled at.  Seems more like ten.

Yesterday Rudy Giuliani went on cable TV and admitted that Trump spoke to lawyer Eric Cohen about his then-pending testimony to Congress, so the notion that Trump told Cohen to lie isn’t very far-fetched.  Giuliani has a consistent track record of getting out in front of impending bad news, so it stands to reason that we will get evidence soon that Trump and Cohen discussed testimony. If evidence exists that Trump told Cohen to lie, it’s a clearly and plainly impeachable crime.  Mueller’s team has not specifically refuted this claim, only that something in the Buzzfeed story wasn’t accurate.

At the halfway point of Trump’s grotesque and lamentable presidency it’s worth reiterating a point made before in this blog.  Americans who hate government hate their fellow citizens.  Because in a Democracy, your friends and neighbors are the government.  The desire for small government is disingenuous and ridiculous, just as the desire for large government is foolish.  Worth fighting for is a smart, efficient and effective government, sized to meet the needs of the nation.  An excellent op-ed by E. J. Dionne Jr. in the Washington Post yesterday delves further into this theme:

In truth, the whole antigovernment thing is fundamentally fraudulent. So is the conservative claim to believe passionately in states’ rights and local authority.

A link to the article:

When government doesn’t work, it’s often due to some form of corruption.  And in our lifetimes, the greatest source of corruption has been the influence of corporate money and power on our elected officials.  Some of our friends and neighbors (in both parties, but more with Republicans than Democrats) have sold their souls for corporate money, either in the form of campaign contributions or the promise of lucrative jobs post-politics.  We must fight to reduce corporate money and dark money in our elections and put an end at last to corporatism.

Another critical dimension to effective government is an informed and engaged electorate.  The citizens of NY-19 have done an excellent job in the last two years of organizing and mobilizing to ensure we are properly represented in Congress, as well as in local offices throughout the district.

Keep up the great work, and keep resisting…

EVENT REMINDER: Congressman Antonio Delgado holds his first town hall today at 2pm at the Poestenkill Fire Department.

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