Around the country yesterday hundreds of thousands joined the Annual Women’s March.  Several took place in our area including Woodstock, Hudson, Albany and New York City.  Indivisible Chatham posted this picture from Hudson:


The crowds were smaller this year, but weather may have played a part.

Meanwhile, Trump spoke to the nation yesterday in a short bid to “negotiate” an end to his government shutdown.  He offered several vague (and possibly unenforceable) promises, including a three year extension of protection for Dreamers, in exchange for 5.7 billion for his border wall.  Of course, the extremists on his right like Ann Coulter howled that the Dreamer offering was a horrible capitulation (“We voted for Trump and got Jeb!”), while Democratic House leader Pelosi rejected Trump’s offering as an unacceptable rehash of past failed compromises.  In truth, the offering was less a legitimate negotiation than a way for Trump to push blame onto the Democrats and keep his base happy through public spectacle.  Coverage in the Times:

Trump’s speech was one of the most wooden and heartless yet, beginning with lofty words, feel-good phrases, and patriotic sentiments that Trump himself would never utter, much less believe.  The speech was apparently crafted by, among others, Mike Pence and Jared Kushner, and eventually careened into the obligatory fear-mongering drivel about hordes of drug smuggling rapists and murderers flooding through the Mexican border ready to invade our cities and kill everyone.  It’s becoming increasingly ludicrous, yet a small fraction of Trump’s cult of followers apparently lives in terror that our streets are full of Mexican maniacs–despite all evidence to the contrary.

Pelosi and the Democrats need to answer Trump with a loud and public counter-proposal in order to avoid blame for a shutdown that Trump has the power to end whenever he chooses.  So stay tuned for the response, and keep resisting…

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