A bill supported by Senator Chuck Schumer to condemn the Trump regime for easing sanctions on dirty Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska fell short in the Senate yesterday.  The bill needed 60 votes to pass but only garnered 57 (it included 11 Republicans).  It strains the imagination to wonder why any Republican would vote in favor of a Russian oligarch, but that’s where we are in the era of Trump.  Why does Trump have such fealty to Putin and Russia, and why does the Republican party continue to cover for him?  There is no new Russia.  Russia is a pretend democracy that continues to operate as a corrupt kleptocracy where bribery and graft are daily features of economic life and wealth is extracted from the citizens and given to a ruling class loyal to Vladimir Putin, a bloody dictator whose career was spent mostly as a spy trying to screw the West.  Russia attacks our nation constantly via the internet, and they endeavor to destroy the western world order that we paid for in blood during World War Two and spent decades toiling since to build.

Why do Republicans care so much about Russia? Maybe it’s because Russian money has been funding their causes and campaigns? Whatever the reason, it’s disgraceful.

Meanwhile the Trump Shutdown continues to ripple through the economy, causing increasing hardship and loss every day.  TSA agents are staying home sick, furloughed government workers are showing up at soup kitchens, and now the Department of Homeland Security is out of funding, increasing the risk that terrorists might take advantage of the shutdown to attack us.  The Republicans and Democrats originally came together and hashed out a deal to continue funding the government but Trump rejected it, and then Mitch McConnell decided to join Trump and hold 800,000 Americans hostage to Trump’s wall–a wasteful vanity project that a majority of Americans don’t want.  As we discuss the shutdown, it’s important to place a lot of blame on McConnell.  He could allow another vote but he refuses, putting partisanship over patriotism.

Nancy Pelosi struck back at Trump, asking that he postpone his State of the Union speech until after the government re-opens.  The speech takes place in the House chamber and is technically hosted by the House of Representatives, so Trump is at the mercy of Pelosi and won’t be able to grandstand and spew his usual fear mongering garbage until the crisis has been resolved, which is a good thing.

Finally, a new poll by CNN showed that Trump is losing the support of one of his core constituencies, white Americans without college degrees.  Support among this group dropped three percent while disapproval increased six percent, both significant shifts in what had previously been a steady group.  Here’s more detail from The Hill:


Enjoy your Thursday and keep resisting…

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