A lot of significant developments occurred yesterday.

>New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced that she’s running for President.

>Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar signaled that she is considering a run for President.

>NY Senator Chuck Schumer introduced a bill that prevents the Trump administration from easing sanctions on Russian oligarchs, and the bill garnered enough Republican votes for eventual passage, and might even gain enough votes to override a Trump veto.

>British Prime Minister Theresa May lost a vote on her Brexit deal by the largest margin in at least fifty years, and will face a vote of “no confidence” from Parliament today.  It’s possible that Brexit could face a new nationwide referendum soon, where it might be rejected entirely.

>A report in the New York Times disclosed that Trump has been considering withdrawing the United States from NATO, which would be a monumental scandal and outrage.  And it would be perhaps the biggest gift to Vladimir Putin that Donald Trump could deliver, short of handing Putin the keys to the White House.  Again, our withdrawal from NATO would be outrageous and a historic betrayal of the sacrifices made in World War Two and the Cold War.  

>William Barr, Trump nominee for Attorney General, testified at his confirmation hearing in the Senate yesterday, and said he was determined to allow Mueller to finish his investigation.   However, Barr refused to commit to recusing himself, and many of his other answers concerning his possible oversight of the Mueller investigation were vague and left a lot to the imagination.  It seems increasingly clear that Barr is either (1) a stand up guy who understands history and the importance of the rule of law, and will place the good of the country above the concerns of the White House, or (2) is an epic liar and phony determined to prop up Trump no matter what damage it would do to our Democracy and Republic.  Keep in mind that Barr and Mueller are good friends.  My gut sense is that Barr is a stand-up guy, but with a corrupt liar in the White House the stakes are awfully high to risk someone with Barr’s history of promoting presidential power.

Don’t forget the progress we’ve made on local level:


Keep resisting…


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