First, I want to apologize for yesterday’s post.  In my anger at Mitch McConnell, ongoing disgust at Donald Trump, and exhaustion in writing this blog almost every single night for a year and a half, I made a generalization that disparaged an entire generation of Americans.  I basically said the baby boomers were becoming a cancer on our culture, which wasn’t what I intended but was exactly what I wrote.  I intended to communicate that a certain segment of the baby-boomers, namely conservative white male politicians and their supporters–a distinction I failed to make–had become a cancer on our society for resisting even the most basic change.  So please forgive my omission.  I’m a boomer and, as I was appropriately reminded yesterday, boomers were chiefly responsible for the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, the sexual revolution, gay rights, and the environmental movements, to name a few.  And of course, boomers were at the forefront of the Indivisible movement that helped generate the Blue Wave.  The point I was most concerned with making was the urgency of handing the reins of government to a new generation of progressive leaders, especially those without financial ties to the large corporations that have held way too much sway over lawmakers for way too long. And though they are a hell-of-a-lot better than any Republican, I won’t spend my vote in a primary on Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, both of whom have done heroic service, but each of whom has become, in my humble view, an anachronism.

In the spirit of a new era of lawmakers, yesterday was a great day for progressive politics in New York State.  The Legislature passed comprehensive voting reform bills that will bring our voting rules into line with the most progressive states, including provisions for early voting, voting my mail, and the elimination of loopholes to reduce the amount of corporate cash flowing into elections.  The passage of the bills was possible only because of the hard work of so many activists around the state to oust the members of the IDC and give real Democrats control of both chambers of the legislature.  Local elections matter!  Here’s a comprehensive article from the Times:

Two things to watch today.

First, the Senate confirmation hearing begins for Trump AG nominee William Barr.  Democratic Senators will be trying to elicit assurances from Barr that he will not interfere with the Mueller probe, and his closely-watched answers should be revealing.

Second, a last-minute announcement informed viewers last night that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will appear on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight, and she apparently has “something to say.”  Could she be announcing a run for President?

Stay tuned and keep resisting…

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