Donald Trump ended his weekend with several late-night self-pitying tweets about being alone in the White House looking out at the snow while those awful Democrats were out there playing and enjoying themselves (!) during a government shutdown. His stance is going to be “I’m willing to negotiate, but they aren’t,” meaning he is willing to agree to any deal where he gets his wall and gives nothing in return.  It’s bad enough that the Republican Senate already voted unanimously to fund the government without additional wall funding, then reneged when Trump realized he was being called a wimp by Ann Coulter and Hate Radio denizens.  But now Mitch McConnell won’t allow another vote because it would make Trump look bad.

McConnell is looking more villainous with each passing day.  According to many ex-intelligence agents, the newly reported FBI counter-intelligence investigation of Trump would have only been authorized under extraordinary circumstances, including strong and specific evidence, and it would have almost surely been disclosed to Congressional leadership, including McConnell.  Which means Mitch would have known for years that Trump was being investigated as a potential traitor yet STILL gave Trump everything he asked for, still covered for him and did his dirty work at the expense of McConnell’s own oath of office to protect the Constitution from foreign enemies and to serve as a co-equal branch of government with oversight of the executive branch.

The last two years have included a long, sordid parade of Trump minions and sycophants and cultists, but few were as profoundly a destructive enabler as Mitch McConnell.  History should not and will not treat him kindly, nor should the citizens of his home state.  Every time he comes home the Indivisible groups in Kentucky better be welcoming him with “TRAITOR” banners and chants of “Go home to Russia.”  McConnell has long advocated extreme corporatist policies that hurt people and helped giant corporations, including playing a leading role in the explosion of the wealth gap since the 1980s, but he also treated President Obama like a piece of garbage and refused to help with any legislation–no matter how helpful to the citizenry–that would have given Obama anything resembling a political win.

McConnell belongs to a sub-set of the baby boom generation that are becoming a cancer on our culture.  Their fear of change, their abject terror at the thought of a diverse, multi-racial America where men have to compete with women (!) in the workplace, their worship of all-or-nothing capitalism no matter how destructive, their poisonous denial of climate change, their narrow, brittle, violent definition of manhood, are keeping the United States from becoming a more perfect union.  Indeed, are now making the United States a less perfect union.

In light of this generational critique, a principle worth advocating again is this:

No Septuagenarians.

As much as I love Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren (and grudgingly respect Bernie) I simply will not vote for any of them in a primary.  I will absolutely support the eventual nominee, whoever it is, but it’s time for a new generation of leaders to take control who will move our nation forward strongly and swiftly without any baby-boomer baggage and without prostituting themselves to the corporate interests (Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Chemicals, etc.) that have kept both parties from serving the citizens for far too long.

Keep resisting…

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