Another troubling report yesterday from the Washington Post revealed that Trump didn’t disclose the details of his closed-door meetings with Vladimir Putin to the high-level members of his team.  And he confiscated the transcripts made by his translator, and swore his translator to secrecy, so that NOBODY knows what he said who wasn’t in the room.  In prior administrations the transcripts of such meetings would be secured by the state department in top secret files so intelligence officials and others would have access to and a record of the details of the conversation.  With Trump, nothing like that exists.  Our national security officials have NO IDEA what was said.  Which bolsters this week’s concern that Trump isn’t working for the citizens of the United States.  He’s working for himself, which may mean he’s working for Russia. A lot of buzz on social media is focusing on the word “traitor”, and for good reason.  Trump’s actions are outrageous and, at the very least, un-American.

In happier news, Antonio Delgado’s ceremonial swearing-in occurred yesterday in Hudson.  He tweeted about it:

Here’s an article in the Albany Times-Union including many excellent photographs of the swearing-in event:

Delgado is already tackling several issues important to our district, including support for HR1 which would overhaul and transform our national voting system to ease restrictions on voting, crack down on destructive voter purges, require a paper trail for all ballots, expand disclosure of PAC and 501-c(4) donors, require candidates for president and VP to disclose their taxes, create a code of ethics for the Supreme Court, and other voter-friendly provisions.  Details from NPR:

In addition, Delgado co-sponsored his first bill, the Service-Disabled Veterans Small Business Continuation Act, giving surviving spouses of disabled veterans who own small businesses expanded benefits and preferences when their veteran spouse dies. Details from

Meanwhile Delgado has been railing against Trump’s government shutdown and its impact on district farmers already suffering from Trump’s destructive and wrong-headed tariffs.  He’s also made it a priority to help seniors in rural districts have greater access to home care, a critical service for them.

Today at NOON Congressman Delgado will be opening his Kingston Office at 256 Clinton Ave, and it looks like the public can stop by to say hello.

When Delgado hosts events, and certainly when he holds town halls, we need to continue to show up and lend our support.  If you’re not happy with something he’s doing, let him know.  And if you’re happy with his representation, it’s important to let him know that too.  We can’t afford to disengage from the process now that we’ve won a battle because there is still much work to do, especially while the White House is occupied by a vain, lying, heartless, greedy, ignorant Russian stooge.

Keep resisting…

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