Donald Trump announced yesterday that he would hold a press conference this evening to address the so-called “crisis” on the border, and perhaps declare a national emergency that would give him expanded powers.  It would be the latest piece of theater from an increasingly desperate and isolated president, and it’s likely to fail.  Most legal experts agree that Trump doesn’t have the authority to manufacture a crisis and then take billions of dollars and many years to address the crisis.  But he’s arrogant and impulsive enough that he may try anyway.

Congressman Ted Lieu of California had a interesting take on the Trump Shutdown.  On cable news last night Lieu said that the main priority should be to re-open the government so workers can get paid or return to their furloughed jobs.  He went on to say that he doesn’t fear Trump trying to declare an emergency because he believes the courts would eventually reject Trump’s attempt.  Let’s hope Lieu is right.

When asked what he expected of the president, New York congressman Gerald Nadler said that he expected Trump to lie–because that’s what he’s done all along.  Nadler didn’t mince words, and neither should we.  Trump is simply a liar, as are so many in his inner circle, like Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.  They’ll tell a flat-out lie straight to your face without so much as a flinch.  And we can never let them off the hook.  Liars.

Local news source Hudson Valley One last night reported that our new congressman Antonio Delgado was supporting a bill to create a public financing system for political campaigns, require disclosure of PAC donors, create automatic voter registration, and force presidents to disclose their tax returns.  All of these are great ideas and should be pushed by the House, even if the Senate and Trump never support them.  Bills like this expose the GOP as supporters of greed and exclusion and opacity.

Here’s the full article:

Keep your eye on tonight’s news conference (if you can stomach it) and be ready to flood social media with outrage if Trump declares any sort of bullshit emergency.

The only national emergency we face is the lying buffoon in the White House.

Keep resisting…

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