This will be an interesting week.  The overseas stock markets opened slightly higher, but further volatility seems likely as several large uncertainties continue to hang over the US economy, including Trump’s destructive tariffs, the exploding deficit (thanks in part to the Tax Scam) and now the Trump Shutdown.  The global economy, especially China, also seems to be slowing, causing increased anxiety.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic House continue to hold strong against threats by the GOP and Trump to keep the government partially closed, but the public knows that the Republicans are responsible.  In fact, this weekend a union representing a large group of airline pilots wrote a scathing letter to Trump pleading for him to end the shutdown:

The GOP can’t stop enabling Trump, and they can’t stop looking bad in the process.  A majority of Americans blame them for the shutdown, as well as the growing deficit, and it will only continue to get worse for them.

Trump has hinted that he can use “emergency powers” to build his wall outside the normal budgeting process of Congress–which is exactly what a dictator or monarch would fantasize about–but legal experts say that Trump’s view is wrong, illegal, and would be rejected by the courts.

Behind all of the political and policy dramas that keep the spotlight on Trump, it’s easy to forget all the legal risks that Trump and his family face.  They are being investigated on many fronts, and their businesses are in mortal danger.  Keep in mind that his long-time lawyer and his long-time accountant have both become cooperating witnesses for the Feds, and this must have the Trump team terrified. Each new legal disclosure will back them further into a corner.

If Trump does anything dictatorial or extra-legal we need to be ready to mobilize. Vigilance is the price we pay to protect our nation from a corrupt, dishonest, unethical president.  Stay alert and keep resisting…

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