Trump continued to throw a tantrum about his wall yesterday, posting pictures of a slat-style wall on Twitter, and trying to characterize the Trump Shutdown as a “strike” because he claimed (in a pique of wishful fantasy) that unpaid or furloughed government workers were somehow supporting him, and thus had joined him in a sort of delusional strike.  His logic is twisted in a way that even Orwell would never have fathomed.

It was also notable that Robert Mueller was granted an extension by a judge to keep a grand jury empaneled for another six months, demonstrating that his investigation is far from over despite the inane ramblings of Trumpers like Rudy Giuliani–convinced the probe was almost over.

But meanwhile, the new and ever-more diverse Democrats in the House of Reps continued to talk about legislative initiatives that a majority of Americans want (healthcare, gun control, etc) and about oversight of the executive branch.

Writer John Pavlovitz wrote a wonderful commentary on the plight of the Republican party in relation to the new House of Representatives, entitled “The Extinction of the White American Dinosaur”.  Here is an excerpt:

The misogynistic, supremacist nostalgia of their dying glory days is dissolving, in the glorious refining fire of what is coming on the horizon: color and diversity and new and young and wide open. The wall-builders and the close-fisted and the table-monopolizers will not survive this evolution.

Here’s a link to the post–it’s a must read:

The end of white, patriarchal hegemony can’t come soon enough for our nation. It’s slowly happening, but it will continue to be a struggle.  Power and entitlement and advantage don’t let go without a fight.

Keep your eye on the increasing frustration of Trump and his Republican enablers as their shutdown becomes more and more toxic, and as the Mueller probe grinds on.  The more extreme Trump & McConnell’s behavior becomes, the more vocal and visible we need to be.  Keep resisting…

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