Friday was a typically crazy day in American Politics. Trump met with Congressional Democrats to negotiate a spending bill, then gave a predictably rambling & self-aggrandizing statement to the press full of lies, fantasies and delusions.  He also made comments about Afghanistan that were so bizarre and false that he either got them from Russia or has no idea how the United States ever got involved in that region. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and the House passed two bills–that were previously passed by Republicans in the Senate–to keep the government open. So the GOP is in a corner, and Trump is digging in his heels because he is terrified of a very public humiliation by the Democrats.

Trump also commented about impeachment, saying a president who was “doing so well” couldn’t, in his opinion, be impeached.  Aside from his complete lack of understanding of the nature of impeachment and American justice, the topic of impeachment is clearly on Trump’s mind, and it’s on the mind of many others too.  But the mainstream media keeps praising Democrats who shy away from talking about impeachment, casting those who do as somehow irresponsible and premature.  Their preferred logic goes something like this: as the Mueller probe continues and more information comes out, we will have a better sense of whether impeachment might be appropriate.

But this line of reasoning is bullshit.  It’s a story, a fantasy, that makes for good television and creates the appearance of wisdom and probity.  But the facts are different.  We don’t need the Mueller probe to provide more details.  What we already know is more than enough.

If Trump weren’t president, he would be under indictment for two counts of felony election fraud.  This is a fact.  He would have already either plead guilty (like co-conspirator Michael Cohen) or he would be headed to trial against what seems by any sensible analysis to be overwhelming evidence of guilt.

In other words, Trump can already be credibly described as an accused criminal.  What more does Congress need?  Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator in two felony offenses.  We need to keep using that description.  And the charges don’t even come from team Mueller, they come from the Southern District of New York prosecutors.

It may not be a good idea to rush to impeachment now, and it may not be wise to press for impeachment tomorrow, but Congress already has a perfectly sound and legitimate rationale for impeachment.  Our president is an unindicted co-conspirator.

The media needs to stop pretending that something is missing that the Mueller probe may someday provide.  The Mueller team may disclose many more crimes by Trump and his family, but whether or not they do, we already have cause to believe that this ridiculous and incompetent liar of a president has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

So please hold the media and our elected Reps accountable for failing to describe Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator.  And keep resisting…

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