It looks like Trump and the GOP are going to allow a partial shutdown of the government because Democrats won’t agree to put $5+billion toward a border wall.  As Trump already said, this shutdown is his responsibility, especially because Republicans control all branches of the government for another nine days.  Yes, Trump is that stupid.

Considering how well government shutdowns have gone in the past for the parties that took the blame, I’m reminded of a scene from arguably the greatest war movie ever made, Saving Private Ryan.  An allied flame thrower is finally able to penetrate a Nazi pill box along a D-Day beachhead, filling the concrete cube with fire.  Burning Nazis leap from its thin windows in agony–right into the gunfire of the advancing troops. One of the allied troops yells something like, “Hold your fire–let ’em burn!”

So to the Democrats I say, don’t cave in.  Hold your ground.  Let ’em burn!

I’m away for the holidays and probably won’t be able to write another blog post until the New Year.  I wish all of you a safe and peaceful transition from 2018 into 2019.

Keep resisting…

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